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5 Top Tourist Destinations in the UK

5 Top Tourist Destinations in the UK

When we think of the UK, we are reminded of the hustle and bustle of London. While it’s a must-see destination, only focusing on it will deprive you of a chance to explore the beautiful sights scattered around the kingdom. 
Now, you have settled here and are preparing for your Life in the UK Test, it’s time for you to explore some amazing places in the kingdom. 
Here are some less sought-after but equally mesmerizing places in the UK.

Lake District 

The district is abundant in natural scenery with its green mountains and ribbon lakes. Also, it offers special attractions for those tourists who want to get a deep insight into the cultural aspect of the UK. 
The district is culturally rich and gives a glimpse into UK history because of its famous former resident, Beatrix Potter who is known for her classic storytelling. Potter also has a huge role in the preservation of the natural beauty of this district with 
If you are looking to rekindle your romance with your spouse on a UK vacation, head over to the romantic site - Lake District. Camp under the blue sky and have a time of your life. 

University Towns 

Life-long learners will love the vibe of these towns. To be exact, the country has more than 50 university towns. They surround popular universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and London. 
If you have planned your visit in spring, try to match your dates with the schedule of The Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford towns at River Thames. Other seasons will be more learning-focused with your tours including tours to colleges of these universities or historical buildings in the towns. 
You can use your driving license from Australia to drive to these towns before converting it to a UK license. 

Loch Ness 

So, can your trip extend to the Scottish border? Don’t forget to say hi to the Loch Ness monster. But wait, you can’t greet them because they don’t exist. Instead, you will only see the magical scenery and hear stories about the rumored monster. And you can also bring back those rumors for kids in your family. 
You can also visit Scotland’s largest fort Urquhart Castle or immerse in the history of the area at Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition. 

The Channel Islands 

If you can extend your trip beyond France, The Channel Islands are a must-visit destination. This collection includes several notable islands including Jersey, Herm, Sark, Alderney, and other tinier islands. 
You need to hop on a ferry from mainland England to reach these islands. Once there, you can discover historic castles surrounded by beautiful coastal villages. 

Snowdonia National Park 

Do you love mountains? You will find plenty of those in the UK. Snowdonia is one of the biggest mountains in the UK and the biggest mountain in Wales. On top of the scenic beauty of this mountain, you can also indulge in outdoor activities like hiking and sightseeing. But if you are not in the mood for intense playful workout, use the Snowdonia Mountain Railway and enjoy the view. 

Take Away 

You will miss Australian beaches in the UK. But don’t worry, you will get other scenic attractions to enjoy there. The country offers numerous beautiful physical features such as lakes, mountains, and valleys. And you get to explore its history and culture as you roam around in its villages and towns.

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5 Top Tourist Destinations in the UK
5 Top Tourist Destinations in the UK

Posted on 02 24, 2023