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  • Practice questions just like the real NSW MyRTA test
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  • Get better prepared and improve with each test
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It’s not just about practicing the NSW RTA Test Questions

It’s about understanding the logic behind each question and being able to apply the right answer in each situation

How to Prepare for the RTA Test Like a Pro

The MyRTA test is designed to help you learn while you practice. Here’s how it works.


Learn From Your Mistakes

You’ll learn as you go. The interactive practice tests show you the correct/incorrect answers and explain the answer to the question so you can learn from your mistakes.


Strengthen Your Weak Areas

The practice tests are organized by categories. So, if you want to brush up on defensive driving, traffic lights & lanes, or bicycle safety, you can focus on those areas.

Get Better with Each Test

The more you practice, the better you’ll get to pass the RTA driving test. So, keep at it until you are confident and ready to take on and pass the real NSW MyRTA Test.

Why Our RTA Tests Work

It’s not only about repeating the quizzes. There’s a method to our process.

Free with No Registration Required

We remove the obstacles to make it easier for you to study for the RTA test. Our tests are free to access, free to use. You don’t need to create an account. Just click and start a test.

Designed to Teach While You Learn

These are interactive NSW MyRTA practice tests that give you get real-time feedback on each question. Learn why an answer is incorrect/correct and see the reasons behind the answers.

Structured Like the Real Tests

Never enter the knowledge test unprepared for what to expect. Try our real test simulation and see exactly how the tests are structured so you can be better prepared to ace the test.

FAQs - RTA Driving Test

Excited to start using our practice tests but have questions? Here are the answers.

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