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You could prepare in one of 2 ways. You can download a PDF with questions you may be asked during the Driver Knowledge Test. Or you could take it one step better and practice actual DKT demonstration tests.

Where Do You Plan to Sit the Driver Knowledge Test?

New South Wales

It’s time to get your NSW learners permit. Use our free NSW DKT practice tests and get ready in no time to sit and pass the Driver Knowledge Test.

South Australia

No need to get lost in the SA wilderness when trying for your learners permit. Instead, pass on the first go with our free SA DKT online tests.

Western Australia

Passing the Driver Knowledge Test to get your WA Learner’s Permit can be overwhelming. Let us make it easier with our free WA DKT practice tests.


Grab your copy of the Road to Solo Driving handbook and then practice learner permit knowledge tests online. The practice tests are designed to help you pass the DKT, so get started today.


Read The Keys to Driving in Queensland and then tackle our practice road rules tests to see if you’re ready to take on the real QLD driver knowledge test. If not, then practice some more.

The 3-Step Prep Process to Passing Your DKT Test

Prepare for the DKT

Did you know that many Aussies fail their DKT the first time they take it? This doesn’t have to be you. When you prepare the right way, you get the results you want. Our process is more effective than just studying your state’s learner driver guide alone.

Practice the DKT

Increase your chances of passing the driver knowledge test on your first go. Practice our DKT online as often as you like. They are free driving tests just like the real thing with state-specific questions with no limits to how often you can take them.

Pass the DKT

You study smarter with DKT online. See the correct answers for each question immediately and learn as you go. Retest on the knowledge test questions that you struggled with or categories you’re weak in. Then, sit the test comfortably and get ready to pass.

Practice tests that are designed to make it easier for you to pass the DKT

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